Mystery company coming to Bay City will bring 440 new jobs

This 40 acre plot along the Saginaw River in Bay City will likely soon be bustling / Mark Korolishin

A twenty-five million dollar development to the Bay City riverfront is all but assured tonight after a formal proposal was presented on Monday evening at the Bay City Commission. The project will break ground sometime in the spring and is expected to bring not only business but residential development. The major employer coming to Bay City, however, remains a mystery. All parties are remaining tight lipped but Bay City Mayor Chris Shannon says we will know soon enough.

"This is a cultural shift for Bay City," says Shannon about the long awaited development of the 40 acre plot. "It's a historic moment for Bay City. I believe there has not been something like this in Bay City for at least 50 years."

Commission President and candidate for mayor Kathleen Newsham says she has also worked long and hard on this development over the years both as past mayor of Bay City and as commissioner. She agrees it is a great day for the city. "I've always equated Bay City as a crown and every time we've added a new development its like adding a jewel to that crown. Last night it is like the hope diamond got put on the top of it."

NBC25 placed a call to SSP Associates, the Saginaw developer that will be doing the riverfront renovation looking for clues as to the company that is coming in. Staff there tells NBC25 they don't even know who it is, and a call to voicemail went unreturned.