Naked man shocks church-goers during program for children

Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church

Update: June 8, 2011, 1:00 p.m.

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We asked our fans if this man should be charged for indecent exposure. Ben Machul says, "If he didnt cause any physical damage to anyone or anything there is no crime." Bethany Kerr Reynolds states, "It doesn't matter if it was his intent to streak through the church or not. He still should be charged with indecent exposure. I doubt the police routinely ask criminals if it was their INTENT to commit additional crimes!"

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Police say folks at the Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church got a shock when a man almost completely in the buff (wearing only handcuffs) suddenly ran into their sanctuary.

What can I say? What can I say? What can I say! said Michelle Robinson after hearing about what happened.

The man TMs unexpected entrance happened during a rehearsal for a church children TMs program.

Mount Morris Township police say it all started when an officer pulled over a man in his late-twenties for loud music.

The officer suspected he had drugs, cuffed him, and frisked him. The officer then found suspected marijuana.

The man took off running, hoping to avoid arrest. As he jumped over a nearby fence he lost his pants, underwear, and shoes.

In the buff below the belt, he then braved a barbed wired fence near the church. That is where he lost his shirt.

The now-stripped sinner sprinted into the sanctuary, but could not be saved| from police.

As the story has been exposed, like its subject, folks can TMt seem to resist offering fashion advice to would-be criminals.

Next time wear tighter clothes, said Unica Gatewood. You might get away faster.

He asked for it wearing his pants below his knees, said Robinson. I know he was. I know they wasn't tight. I know they wasn't secure. So when he went over that fence he lost everything.

Police say charges will be up to the Genesee County Prosecutor, but they expect the disrobed desperado will face charges for loud music, marijuana possession, and resisting arrest. It is unlikely he will be charged with indecent exposure, because that probably was not his intent.