NASA and Genesee County teachers soar in to science

The GISD has been selected as one of the pilot sites for the NASA STEM program.

The overall goral is for middle schoolers to be more involved in science and math, but first NASA has to put educators in the pilot seat.

The STEM program focuses on science, technology, engineering, and math while teaching teachers to think outside the box.

NASA is taking complex ideas like landing on Mars, and uses every day objects to bring these ideas to a middle schoolers education level.

Creating things like hovercrafts and air-powered rockets out of pieces of paper and plastic tubing are fun ways for teachers to bring the concepts back to the classroom.

"Scientific and technical workforce in general are in great demand, particularly when we look at the skills necessary down the road" says NASA Project Manager Robert Laselvia.

"We are really working with students today to create the engineers of tomorrow which is vital, vital for the nation and the economy as a whole".

This opportunity is truly out of this world since only 8 programs in the entire state were selected to participate.

Once all is said and done, students from different sites will compete in a series of challenges focusing on engineering and space exploration.