National Action Network back at Hurley after lawsuit settlement

Members of Al Sharpton's National Action Network were back in Flint Monday, they said, to keep Hurley Medical Center accountable after the recent settlement of a racial discrimination lawsuit.

As NBC25 reported, nurse Tonya Battle claimed she was barred from caring for a baby in October 2012 because the baby's father told Battle's supervisor that he didn't want an African-American nurse.

Hurley CEO and President Melany Gavulic initially told reporters the father's request was not granted. On Friday, Hurley officials announced a settlement had been reached with Battle. Members of the Michigan chapter of the National Action Network said the swift action is encouraging.

"We congratulate them for that,â?? Rev. Charles Williams II said.

â??However, we're going to continue to hold them accountable to not just this case but future cases of discrimination and racism that might be in the culture of the hospital,â?? he added.

A second nurse has filed a similar suit, claiming she too was racially discriminated against. The hospital hasn't commented on that lawsuit.

Leaders of the Michigan chapter of the National Action Network met with hospital leaders Monday. They are holding a meeting at Chips restaurant at 6 p.m. Thursday, inviting anyone to come forward with other complaints against the hospital.