National anthem ban stirs up controvery

Should the national anthem be played before sporting events?

Pennsylvania high school hockey players earned the right to sing the national anthem before their games after a recent ban stirred up controvery.

The Commissioner of the PIHL, Ed Sam, recommended last week that teams skip the anthem, claiming that, with ice time going for $300 per hour, it's not worth the extra money.

"Ice is very, very hard to get and it's not cheap," Sam said. "It has absolutely nothing to do with patriotism at all."

Meanwhile patriotic parents voiced their displeasure for the ban and it caused quite the controvery in Pennsylvania.

Then, on Tuesday, KDKA in Pittsburgh reported that Sam had overturend his original ruling due to pressure from the media and parents of the players.

"You go through life and you make a mistake," admitted Sam. "I think I made a mistake here. Thereâ??s no doubt about that, and weâ??re going to fix that mistake.â??

The league received 4,000 emails and calls regarding the controvery, and even received some national media attention.

We're asking Facebook fans this morning if the league made the right decision. Should the national anthem be played before sporting events?

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