National day of remembrance for murder victims honored in Saginaw

Today is a day of healing and remembrance for all those who have lost loved ones both in Saginaw County, and across the country.

"For me the importance is to remember those who are gone, the victims that were taken by homicide" says Barbara Clark, Leader of the Parents of Murdered Children Saginaw chapter.

She experienced loss herself when her son was killed at the age of 17.

She says his death was devastating, but has led to an even higher purpose for her.

"To this day God has given m strength, he's given me courage to go on and try to be an advocate".

Courage that has led her and other grieving parents to establish the Saginaw County chapter for Parents of Murdered Children, a place for Barbara to heal in a group setting.

"People stop living after they lose a loved one" she says, "we want to encourage them to live on, because their loved ones would want them to live on".

Today, people were asked to write victims' names on red balloons, that were released together.

This act is a way survivors say to let some of the pain float away.

The Saginaw chapter for the Parents of Murdered Children was only founded earlier this year, but they have plans to continue their support long in to the future.