Nationwide FBI crackdown includes Flint in human trafficking

The federal government defines trafficking as using force fraud or cohesion to manipulate someone into doing what you want.

And under this definition the YWCA in Flint says it's happening more than they would like to admit.

"I can tell you one hundred percent that itâ??s happening here," said YWCA Sexual Assault Crisis Counselor Christina Delikta.

26-year-old Donald Perkins is proof. Police are charging Perkins with more than a dozen crimes including trafficking, criminal sexual conduct and prostitution.

"I had no idea that was an issue here in Flint," said Flint Resident Amber Anger.

Perkins was arrested in connection with a nationwide crackdown.

The FBI and Michigan State Police announcing 10 girls were rescued during the investigations.

"I mean it happens but you just don't think about it happening anywhere near you I guess," said Anger.

Advocates at the YWCA say thereâ??s an increased focus on the issue of trafficking leading to arrests, while also shedding light on the victims.

"What we are learning is that that's not necessarily true and often times, call them a trafficker behind that person," said Delikta.

The YWCA and other agencies are working to educate the public to put an end to trafficking.

"Someone who is not in control of their own finances, if they don't control how many hours they work, if someone else is speaking for them all the time," said Delikta.

National and local hotlines are available for anyone suspecting human trafficking or sexual assault in their area.

"They will take it, they track all of those calls and they will call the appropriate people to do the investigation so you don't have to feel like you need to run in and save someone," said Delikta.

To contact the National Human Trafficking hotline dial 1-888-373-7888.