Nature preserve and learning center coming to Davison

A map shows the plan for the nature preserve and learning center to be built on the Williams' property.

A new nature preserve and learning center is coming to Davison Township, courtesy of a generous couple who want to leave a lasting legacy in the community.

Bob and Jill Williams announced Tuesday they are donating their 103-acre property off Atherton Road to the township.

Bob Williams is the chairman and CEO of Genova Products, which celebrated its 50th anniversary Tuesday.

Williams says the $3.1 million project will include a learning center, art museum, walking trails, amphitheater, gardens and other attractions. He says he hopes his parcel of land will help local students learn about and appreciate nature.

"You can read books and look at pictures and so on, but the way you really learn is to immerse yourself in the real thing and out here you have the real thing," Williams said about his estate.

Davison school officials touted the announcement as an exciting investment in student learning.