Navy sailor surprises sister at Flint Southwestern graduation

Raynia Gray got a sweet surprise when her Navy brother showed up to her graduation Tuesday.

A Flint Southwestern senior got a very special graduation surprise Tuesday night, when her U.S. Navy brother showed up to the ceremony.

Raynia Gray had no idea Jermaine Gray, a Navy information systems technician, was going to be at Perani Arena. But the faculty at Southwestern helped coordinate an on-stage surprise when they learned Gray was going to be in town.

â??At the end of the day it was very important for me to actually show up and be here for her,â?? Gray said, after surprising his sister.

Raynia said, â??I didn't know whether to grab him or to cry,â?? when she saw her big brother.

The two shared an embrace in front of students and families, who erupted into cheers and applause.

Gray will be in town for a day before he heads back to where heâ??s stationed in Mississippi.