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      NBC25 at Comerica Park for Opening Day

      Opening day for the Tigers couldn't come soon enough for fans of the reigning Central Division champions.

      NBC25??s Dillon Collier caught up with fans tailgating in downtown Detroit outside Comerica Park, and even ran into one of his colleagues.

      "Seven years in a row, down here in Detroit for opening day,?? said NBC25 photojournalist and director Rob Herman. ??Everyone comes down to tailgate. Game time is great. It??s just so interesting, so many people down here. You don??t see that all that often for a regular game."

      Matt Sarti was grilling up a feast. ??Forty pounds of wings, 15 pounds of pork, 60 burgers, 70 sausages, 50 hot dogs,?? the list went one.

      "It's all about the atmosphere,?? said Nicky Bizzle of Fraser. ??I'm not going to lie, last year I didn't even know the game had ended. I ran into a friend, they were at the game and told me it was over. Its all about coming down here, feeling Detroit, getting the vibe down, enjoying the day with a bunch of good people, you know."