NBC25 Follow-up: Shocking video, Adults who watched beating explain why they didn't stop teens from fighting

Relatives of D'Markus Jones say the 17-year-old was provoked and threatened.

NBC25 brought you the exclusive story Sunday.

A Flint teen shared his story of finding video of the fight that left him seriously injured on Andrew Bancroft says he suffered a head injury and a broken bone near his eye that required surgery.

On many who saw the video voiced shock not over the fight between D TMMarkus Jones, 17, and Andrew Bancroft, 19, but over the men in the background casually watching.

One adult recorded the fight. Others simply watched. They didn TMt appear to try to stop it.

In the video it appears Andrew Bancroft is not fighting back. He says he didn TMt want to fight because he didn TMt want to get in trouble at school. The fight happened while he and D TMMarkus served suspensions for a fight that happened after school days earlier.

NBC25 reached D TMMarkus and his family on Tuesday. They agreed to explain how it happened.

Andrew is a liar. Everything he is saying is make believe, said D TMMarkus, 17.

Andrew told NBC25 he got off the bus on Fenton Road, where D TMMarkus happens to live, to go to the Family Dollar and buy soda. D TMMarkus says he got a phone call that indicated Andrew had different intentions.

I got a phone call from my home boy telling me Andrew is going to get off the bus and whoop my butt, said D TMMarkus. I felt threatened.

D TMMarkus TM uncle says he listened in on the phone call and heard Andrew in the background threatening D TMMarkus. When they saw Andrew by the Family Dollar they went out and confronted him.

I told him to go home, said Timothy Gregory.

Gregory says Andrew didn TMt want to go home. He wanted to fight. Andrew denies this.

He came looking for trouble. You look for trouble, you get things that you want, said Gregory.

NBC25 asked Gregory why he or another adult relative who watched the fight didn TMt stop it.

What am I supposed to do? I can TMt make another person TMs child go home.

He says he has health problems and didn TMt want to get in the middle of the teens TM mess. He didn TMt call police because he says the response time would have been too slow.

You know the economy in Flint. This is just the way it is.

Both teens now say they regret the fact that the fight ever happened.

I look at the predicament I am in now, and I think I could have made a better choice instead of doing something bad, said D TMMarkus.

Andrew obtained a personal protection order against D TMMarkus. D TMMarkus says due to that he cannot go to school, except on Friday afternoons.

When Andrew went to school he says classmates gave him a difficult time for getting a P.P.O., calling him a snitch. School leaders asked him to go home voluntarily for a few days for his own safety.

Shortly after our original story aired Sunday, pulled the video of the fight from its site.

In the meantime, NBC25 wants to know what you think about this situation.

Should school leaders ask Andrew to stay home from school for his own safety, or should they confront those creating the hostile environment?

How should schools handle students who have personal protection orders filed against them?

Is it wrong for adults to allow teens to fight in front of them as it appears happened in this video?