NBC25 rides along as Flint police crackdown on water theft

City officials are continuing their crackdown of water theft. NBC25 rode along with water theft investigators from the Flint police department to see first-hand at what lengths people are going to steal water.

Of the nine stops police made on Friday, seven homes had illegal hook-ups.

â??(They) dug up the yard to find his (the neighborâ??s) water line, hook into his neighbor's water line and then run this water hose into the house,â?? says Detective Marcus Mahan, Flintâ??s special investigator for water theft.

The scene is becoming all too familiar for Mahan.

â??Where the water hose is coming in off the water line, it's hooked into the hose here and it goes right into the vent,â?? says Mahan showing the illegal hook-up.

Mahan says this is one of the most extreme cases he's seen. But over on Cottage Drive itâ??s the same story.

â??It was turned off and then turned back on illegally by someone other than the city,â?? says Mahan.

Crews were turning the water back off but neighbor Ida Hargrave says when the water goes off at her neighborâ??s house, it gets cut off at her house too.

â??This has happened liked 12 times within the year and I know they got to be tired of me calling them to turn my water back on,â?? says Hargrave.

Mahan says this crackdown hopefully catching the thieves which in-turn might bring some relief to those paying their water bills.

â??A lot of us will be better off and they need to be penalized for it,â?? says Hargrave.

â??Some people are going to get away with it but a lot people are going to get cut,â?? says Mahan.

City officials have said anyone who is caught stealing water will be charged with theft of city property which is a felony.

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