NBC25 test drives the Chevy Volt and answers your questions about the car

NBC25 takes the Chevy Volt on a test drive through Bay City. / Chad Britton

Update: 5/2/2011 at 10:40p.m.

We TMre getting great feedback on our testing of the Chevy Volt! We TMve had folks visit our Facebook page NBC25 News and ask about many things such as whether the Volt re-charges itself while on the gasoline engine (it does by the way). People are also asking about the price, which runs as high as $41,000 although tax credits knock that down to the $30,000 range.

On Monday we examined how spacious the trunk was. Being a big and tall guy, I hopped into the trunk and found there was plenty of space for me. So you might not have a hard time putting the family suitcases in for a summer drive!

I also checked the sound system and did so with one of my favorite rock and roll CDs: Endgame by Megadeth. It sounded fairly decent, although the volume knob seems to be a tad sensitive and can cause the music to pause briefly before starting up again.

We TMre trying more things out tomorrow and want you to keep the feedback coming in!

Original report:

You TMve seen the Chevy Volt in the news for the last three years, hearing about the battery that gets you more than 50 miles before taking a single slurp of gas. The Volt is finally on the market and NBC25 is putting it to the test, courtesy of Burt Watson Chevrolet in Freeland.

I TMve been given the important yet quite fun assignment of examining everything in the Volt from top to bottom. We will be looking at everything from the horse power to handling, suspension and navigation systems over the next few days.

Right away I was struck by how quiet the non-gas powered engine is when starting it up. By the way, you don TMt even need a key. You simply power it up by hitting the blue power button. Two large plasma displays serve as the information center and tell you everything from how much power is left on the battery side before switching over to gasoline, to speed and gear data.

The second plasma is mounted above the center gear shift and has touch-screen capabilities allowing you to make adjustments in climate settings, and alternate between terrestrial and XM satellite stations.

Activate the satellite navigation system, and the plasma screen will turn into an interactive map allowing you to plot your next destination. If you TMre listening to the radio, the computer will automatically lower the volume so the digital guide can speak your next direction to you. And there TMs much more.

But what do you want to know about most? After three years of hype you must have several burning questions about the Volt and NBC25 wants to get answers to those questions. Comment below and on our NBC25 News Facebook page to tell us what you want us to test!

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