NBC25 TODAY live at Zehnder's Snowfest

Zehnder TMs Snowfest has been host to one of the top snow sculpting events in North America for the past 19 years and celebrates its 20th Anniversary in 2011.

Visitors have enjoyed larger-than-life snow sculptures and beautifully detailed ice carvings each year.

Zehnder TMs Snowfest 2011 will again dazzle and excite you with snow and ice sculptures created by professional ice and snow carvers from around the world.

Zehnder TMs Snowfest is also host to the National Collegiate Ice Carving Championship and the High School Snow Sculpting Competition.

In addition, Zehnder TMs Snowfest will have entertainment for the entire family in the warming tent, a fireworks display, petting zoo and children TMs activities.

Plan now to attend Zehnder TMs Snowfest 2011.


World Class Double & Single Block Snow Sculpting Championships

State of Michigan Snow Sculpting Competition

High School Snow Sculpting Competition

100-Block Ice Carving Exhibition Featuring Greg Butauski, Award Winning Certified Master Sculptor

U.S. National Collegiate Ice Carving Competition