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      Neecha and Amazing Dobermans popular Shrine Circus act

      T he Shrine Circus kicks off their 71st show in Saginaw.

      P reparations were underway Thursday morning for their opening night at the Dow Event Center.

      S hriners have brought in hundreds of thousands of dollars for a variety of children's charities since 1943.

      T here are nearly twenty acts in the show including a 12,5000 lbs elephant named "Bo."

      Another popular act is "Neecha" and the Amazing Dobermans.

      Neecha has been performing in the circus since she was a little girl.

      "I love the circus, I was raised in the circus, I will always love the circus. I will be in the circus as long as I can be in the circus...and I love it!."

      T he first show start s Thursday night at 6:30pm and runs through Sunday.

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      Neecha and the Amazing Dobermans