'Neighborhood Art Parade' transforms abandoned lot in Flint

The Neighborhood Art Parade brought musical performances and art installations to a neighborhood on Flint's north side Wednesday.

Itâ??s an effort to update an old tradition on the north side of Flint and encourage residents to know their neighbors.

Wednesday evening the Flint Public Art Project launched the first of four Neighborhood Art Parades, a program inspired by last winter's master plan meetings.

A makeshift parade of drum lines and step performances made its way from the corner of Saginaw and Bishop to the abandoned Citgo gas station at Saginaw and Pierson.

The vacant lot was transformed into an ice cream shop offering free frozen treats.

Organizers say the goal is to fight crime by bringing art and a sense of community to neighborhoods.

â??We had so many people stop in their car as they were driving by and say, â??What's going on, I want to come out.â?? I think people, once they saw this activity, and saw that it was positive, it's just been a magnet for everybody,â?? Jerome Chou of the Flint Public Art Project said.

The next Neighborhood Art Parade will take place Wednesday, July 24 beginning at Foss Avenue Baptist church.