Neighbors across Saginaw County clean up after flooding

They're cleaning up and heading out at Saginaw Countyâ??s soccer complex.

â??The weather got bad on us and we decided to pull the plug,â?? says Jon Howell, organizer of Party on McCarty. â??We flew in a guy from California by the name of Mike Penara in so we cancelled,â?? he adds.

The Party on McCarty concert was cancelled Thursday and Friday because of rain.

â??With a 40-percent chance of rain, we decided that we'd reschedule,â?? says Howell.

Wet fields and scary-looking skies had Howell, thinking twice.

â??I think it's going to keep coming back and raining here, people don't want to come out in the rain,â?? says Howell.

Instead, people are at home, drying out.

Empty shelves at SERVPRO over in Zilwaukee are proof.

â??We've taken 70 calls in probably the last 30 hours so we're very busy,â?? says Norm Perkins, who works at SERVPRO of Saginaw County.

Perkins has been getting calls from all over--including Genesee County.

â??It just rained for hours and hours and outside my home was all flooded,â?? says Brandon Surowiec who lives in Genesee Township. â??The water came up to my driveway,â?? he adds.

The floodwaters are receding and neighbors say they aren't too worried---after all it's just Michigan weather.

â??You know what, in Michigan, what do they say? You wait a few minutes and the weather changes,â?? says Howell.

The First Ward Community Center and Claytor Library in Saginaw experienced some flooding.

As for The Party on McCarty, Fridayâ??s concert is pushed back to August.