Neighbors distressed by wild, aggressive turkeys

Some wild winged visitors are running amok in a Mundy Township neighborhood. At first it was funny, but now residents are a little distressed over how to get rid of them.

The quiet Brittany Village off Fenton Road has come under siege, and there are several witnesses. Neighbors say wild turkeys have been roaming the neighborhood quite freely this winter, helping themselves to outdoor bird feeders.

"We all thought it was really neat - these wild turkeys,â?? Carol McCarty said. But neighbors say they've overstayed their welcome.

Two toms - male turkeys - have grown rather aggressive.

"Chasing people, jumping on people, chasing cars, actually panhandling from cars,â?? McCarty described.

One of them attacked John Stahlâ??s daughter.

"As she came out of the car he clawed her way up her back," Stahl said.

Mundy township police say there's really not much they can do. And the Department of Natural Resources simply advised residents to remove the food source.

The turkeys could be more aggressive because itâ??s mating season.

â??These toms are sexually charged and they don't know what to do with it,â?? Stahl said.

Another neighbor, Sam Muller, said, â??I think they lost their fear of people because they're fed all the time."

But the people are fed up, they said, and the tables may turn.

â??We will have turkey for Thanksgiving if they show up here again,â?? Stahl chuckled.