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      Neighbors help make Christmas possible for people without power

      Shyann, 8, was nervous Santa wouldn't find her at her temporary home.

      ??I was surprised because I didn't know that he was going to come,?? says Shyann Decator.

      Shyann and her mom have been keeping warm at the Salvation Army Shelter since Sunday.

      ??(It was) pverwhelming at first a little bit,?? says Mandy Fisher. ??Not knowing if we could go home for Christmas but we've been taken care of,?? adds Fisher.

      Volunteers at The Salvation Army are making sure Santa found his way to the shelter

      ??We assured the kids that wherever there's a tree, Santa would find them,?? says Lt. Sean Gray who works with the Salvation Army.

      Santa certainly found little Liam. He got the helicopter he wanted.

      ??I kept saying, I want it, I want it, I want it,?? says Liam Gilroy.

      But the kindness here goes beyond the toys.

      ??I??m glad that we do have power so they have somewhere to go because we've had couples that have been here since Sunday and they still don't have power but we're warm, we're serving three square meals, they have blankets, pillows,?? says Janice Goodrich, a volunteer.

      For Shyann and her mom, it's more than heat that's keeping them warm.

      ??It??s been a blessing in disguise,?? says Fisher.

      ??We??ve met new friends through this process, I think lifetime friends, it's been a really great experience,?? adds Goodrich.