Neighbors react to Delphi plant closing

Neighbors across Genesee County are still reeling from the news of the closure of yet another GM plant. Area business owners and residents are now wondering how it will affect them.

A lot of businesses surround the Delphi Plant and a lot of the business owners and the people who frequent the businesses say, this closure will have a ripple effect across Genesee County.

"What can you say? It's numbing, just numb,â?? says Tammy Long.

For Tommy Long, General Motors closing another plant is a double whammy. She owns a home in Grand Blanc near the Weld Tool plant and tends bar across the street from the Delphi Plant.

She says this closure will definitely have a domino effect.

â??They were struggling as it was, probably the final nail in the coffin,â?? says Long.

Many General Motors retirees like Willie Jenkins frequent this watering hole.

It's a tough pill for Willie to swallow to see his former employer continue to pull out of the vehicle city.

"Invest in Flint because right now, Flint needs investments, cause we need jobs,â?? says Jenkins.

â??It donâ??t just affect the GM workers, it affects everybody,â?? says Long.

Tammy says this closure goes beyond her register and into the pockets of her neighbors.

"There's a lot more people going to lose jobs because it's closing down,â?? says Troy Brown of Caro.

Troy Brown makes plastics and his employer depends on Delphiâ??s business.

â??It's not going to go good for us. I'm sure it's going to trickle down to us and we're going to start losing people too,â?? says Brown.

â??It's a sad time for the bar owners and for everybody in this area,â?? says Long.

General Motors says the plant will close by yearâ??s end. Hundreds of employees will have to find new jobs.