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      Neighbors stunned by Thetford Township murder-suicide

      N eighbors are still trying to understand why a man shot his wife dead before turning the gun on himself. Thetford Township is rarely the scene of murder. So as neighbors hear that two bodies are found there's disbelief.

      One neighbor said, " I got woke up yesterday morning by police telling me there was a problem next door."

      Four a-m friday morning he and other neighbors are alarmed when police knock on their doors telling them to take cover.

      Neighbor James Bloss says, " They were asking us to take cover in our basement if we could cause there had been gunfire across the street."

      A fter gaining access to the garage investigators find the body of 52 year old Jean Young shot several times. As police search the rest of the home they also find the body of 53 year old Richard Young shot in the head apparently self inflicted.

      N eighbors say they'd seen no signs of trouble with the couple. Don Skillett says, " They would work out in the yard having a good time in my mind , I heard no arguments no nothing like that."

      B ut, neighbors say the couple was going through a divorce. both worked in Saginaw. Co-workers of Mrs. Young got concerned when she didn't show up for work on Thursday. Police are called after the couple's 30 year old son goes two days without hearing from his parents.

      A s neighbors struggle to understand why and they also remember the two lives cut short.