New agency added to Saginaw wild dog search after one dog is killed

Monday morning local fish and wildlife officials captured and killed the first of possibly a dozen wild dogs in Saginaw. Now, a new department and tactics are being used to catch the rest of the pack.

"They know the trails, they know where they are going and we donâ??t," said Interim Saginaw Animal Control Director Elaine Thompson.

Because local animal control typically deals with domesticated dogs inside city limits, they are asking for help at a federal level.

A wild dog specialist is being called into action from U.S. Department of Agriculture Wildlife Office.

"We are actually bringing in a specialist who has trapped and caught these types of animals in the past," said Saginaw Sheriff Bill Federspiel.

Until the USDA specialist traps the remaining dogs, the Green Point Nature Center is shut down. Police want anyone living close to call 911 if they see any loose dogs.

"Be vigilant, we are asking people to be vigilant especially in this area," said Federspiel.

The wild dog specialist has already started his search for the pack of dogs. We will continue to update you on this situation until the animals have been contained.