New book attempts to define Flint

A San Francisco writer is coming back to his hometown of Flint, to start a book tour about the troubled city he loves. Gordon Young grew up in Flint and now works at Santa Clara University .

His new book, "Teardown, Memoir of a Vanishing City,", chronicles his adventures as he reconnects with the city.

While it's a memoir of Young's experiences in Flint, it's also sort of a memoir of the city. It's nostalgic. At one point he writes about all the bars: past and present, that dot Flint's landscape. Flint's bad reputation is highlighted as well as some solutions that are being attempted to turn the city around. Some of it is funny. All of it is real.

Young has written for the New York Times about Flint and also started the Flint Expatriates blog.

For "Teardown" he spent four years researching the city. He