New budget plan outlines more cuts for Flint schools

More cuts are headed to Flint schools after the school board approves a plan to erase a multi-million dollar deficit. The district is now looking to sell property and close more schools.

â??That's kind of hard on us, ya know, because we ain't (sic) gonna have no school for the kids to go to,â?? says Alex Boone, a Flint resident.

The school district's interim Chief Financial Officer says the plan will improve conditions by bringing the district's accounts from the red into the black within three years---even creating a surplus.

â??Modest, a modest surplus over the three years,â?? says Linda Holloway.

The plan calls for more teacher layoffs, slashing programs, shutting down two more schools and getting rid of vacant property.

â??The district is not in the property management business,â?? says Holloway.

District officials hope putting the for sale sign up on empty lots where schools once stood will bring in some extra cash for the school district and cut down on maintenance costs.

â??I think it's a good thing, ya know? Something's gotta happen there because we need more new businesses in Flint,â?? says Kevin Schafer, a graduate of the former Homedale Elementary School.

Holloway says shifting the district's focus from maintain lots like the one where Homedale Elementary School once stood will only help Flint schools.

â??The buildings will be in better condition and student outcomes will be improved,â?? says Holloway.

School officials donâ??t know which programs or how many teachers will be affected just yet. Those details are expected in the coming week.