New Caddy a head-turner

The 2013 Cadillac XTS is now in showrooms. For a single guy like Jordan Tuck, a salesman at Al Serra in Grand Blanc, it could be a "chick magnet". But is certainly appeals to women, too. If they have the cash.

An Al Serra spokesman says the price of the all new Caddy, made in Oshuwa Ontario, ranges from 45 to 60 thousand dollars. Gas milage is in the 19 miles per gallon range.

Cadillac is in need of new product. AOL Auto says Cadillac sales are off 24 percent this year, through June, largely because the automaker hasn't offered any new products in recent months. Until now.

AOL AUTO REPORTS, "Cadillac has been advertising itself as "Standard of the World." But while sales of luxury brands like BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz and Lexus have been climbing this year, sales of Cadillacs have been trending downward...."

Motor Trend likes it, calling it "good, big car".

Tuck showed off it's snazzy dashboard, with a computer called "CUE", for "Cadillac User Experience", that features plenty of touch-friendly features including Pandora. The "advanced safety seat" features an audio, visual and vibration.

Time will tell whether the XTS is a hit. Cadillac needs one.