New church promises to help rebuild Flint

Flint is using more than 20 million federal dollars to demolish about 1,700 buildings.

Pastor Corey James of Community Impact Church asks, â??but what about the rest?â??

His church is answering that question and offering a 'new' solution.

Volunteers board homes and clean vacant lots to stabilize flint's crumbling neighborhoods.

"We want to provide resources to knock down these abandoned houses, starting with the resources that are already available," said James.

James says they will provide extra demolition, clean vacant lots and start rebuilding on the newly cleared land.

"We again are building people to build communities and I believe there is strength in numbers,â?? said James.

Community Impact Church members hope the transition into Flint from the churches main location in Auburn Hills will be successful.

"We want to collaborate; we want to create partnerships to help rebuild the city of Flint to make it a great place once again," said James.

Community Impact Church is at 413 West Russell Avenue near Martin Luther King Boulevard on Flint's north end. The church is also doubling as a resource center for the community.