New command post gives unique view over Back to the Bricks

security camera over Saginaw Street

Itâ??s a view of the Vehicle City like no other.

â??We have a real great view. We have some state of the art cameras,â?? says Lt. Phil Smith of the University of Michigan-Flintâ??s public safety department.

With the click of a mouse, you can pan, you can zoom, you can virtually drop in anywhere in downtown Flint.

â??We were able to put some high resolution cameras that allow us to monitor vehicles and people,â?? says Smith.

More than 100 cameras are scattered across the city giving officers a birdâ??s eye view of the city which allows them to respond in an instant.

â??Weâ??re able to notify maybe our undercover officers, our plain clothes officers on the streets who can go in and get a better look at it,â?? says Lt. Smith.

Officers were put to test Wednesday night. They broke up a fight in a matter of seconds.

â??It was quelled immediately and subjects were arrested and peace restored,â?? says Lt. Collin, Birnie of the Flint police department.

Safety is always a concern during Back to the Bricks but this command center gives them the extra view they need.

â??Those cameras are beautiful, says Birnie. â??You can zoom in right in and see exactly what's going on,â?? he adds.