New contract for nurses at McLaren Lapeer Region

Nurses at McLaren Lapeer Region have ratified a new contract focused on patients safety.

The four-year contract provides an improved nurse-patient ratio, gives nurses a greater voice in staffing issues, prevents management from forcing nurses to work on units where they are not properly trained and extends the pool of staff nurses available to fill schedule gaps on all shifts.

â??Weâ??re glad to see our hospital make progress toward achieving what has always been the nursesâ?? top priority, which is being able to give safe, quality care to every one of our patients,â?? said Cheryl Weston, RN, one of 235 registered nurses at McLaren Lapeer Region and Chair of the Staff Nurse Council. â??Nurses recognize McLarenâ??s commitment to taking concrete actions necessary to solve the staffing problems we have been raising, and weâ??re eager to work with management to put these new solutions into action.â??

The new approved contract runs through May 9, 2017. It will include step increase every year, moderate wage increases throughout the life of the contract increased PTO accrual rates and preservation of the employees' current health care benefits.