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      New Fenton bakery offers artisan bread

      "Crust" offers cookies, brownies, pies and 15 types of bread.

      Fenton has new bakery to add to it's quaint town. "Crust" opened it's doors to the public Wednesday. It's located at the corner of Caroline and River.

      "We offer a little bit of everything. We have sweet and savory pies. We also have 15 different types of bread along with an array of cookies, brownies and croissants," said owner Mark Hamel.

      Hamel says he offers quality flavored bread that's hard to find in other bakeries.

      "We really rely on the development of flavor of our breads. We don't rush the process. Many bakeries use chemical additives speed up the process or slow it down. We are completely artisan. We do it the way they did 200 years ago," said Hamel

      Hamel says some of the breads need 12 hours of preparation.