New film: Saginaw Rising

A new documentary film has just been produced by a current and former professor at Central Michigan University about violence in Saginaw. "Saginaw Rising" is a documentary, produced by husband and wife team: Dr. Stephanie Baiyasi and Dr. Ziggy Kozicki. Both are from Midland.

The filmmakers say violence in Saginaw has permeated the culture of the community for over ten years. Saginaw has been consistently rated by the FBI as the most violent city in America . This movie uses the words of Saginaw residents to describe the effect of violence. Experts provide suggestions for a strategy to a overcome "the contagious virus-like violence in Saginaw" .

Thursday, March 14th the film will be shown at Central Michigan University, Moore Hall in Mt. Pleasent.

You can also find the movie at the Bay City, Saginaw and Midland libraries.

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