New landlord notification system hopes to reduce crime in Saginaw

The City of Saginaw will soon launch a new system to notify landlords about police and fire visits to a property.

There is a new way Saginaw hopes to crack down on crime. The City will be able to notify landlords electronically every time police officers or firefighters knock on someone's door.

The City of Saginaw will soon have a new system in place that will send landlords an email within a week of an incident.

â??Humorously, it usually turned out to be a case where you'd have to wait for a neighbor to call you to tell you that your house burned down,â?? said William Schmitt, president of the Saginaw Landlords Association.

Schmitt says the new system will let them know if something happens much sooner, instead of just waiting for a phone call.

â??Some people don't notify them because they don't want to get in bad with their landlord or they don't want their rent to go up because they screwed up and somehow damaged the house,â?? said renter Gary Delavern, who likes the idea of the new system.

Many leases now have clauses that fast track the eviction process if a crime occurs at a property but landlords say this tool allows them to know about the activity and act much sooner.

The system is expected to go online August 4th. Landlords can register for free with the City of Saginaw.