New Life for Buick City?

New life could be on the horizon for the site of a Flint abandnoned auto plant. Bruce Rasher, the redevelopment manager for the RACER Trust confirms the company is in serious negations with 2 companies regarding the largest abandoned industrial site in the region: GMâ??s sprawling Buick City site. More than one million Buicks were built there at one time.

Rasher says the first group wants â??about 40 acresâ?? for a new manufacturing complex, that would create new industrial jobs. It would use access to the rail lines currently on that site.

The site was earlier looked at for an intermodal transfer station. But environmental concerns caused delays. The EPA is working with the RACER Trust to ensure the site is properly remediated.

Another group has also shown interest. Rasher says neither is auto related. He wouldnâ??t name them, citing confidentiality concerns. Both are called â??qualified buyersâ??. He wouldnâ??t say a deal is imminent, but a deal could be reached before the and of the year.

Rasher says RACER is doing â??safe and effectiveâ?? remediation on the site and doesnâ??t feel environmental concerns would cause a delay in any deal.