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      New local restaurant: new jobs

      Chef Nate Brown

      A local chef has already been sucessful on the web. Plus he's been a hit on TV. Now he's trying a place of his own.

      Chef Nate Brown has been all over TV. He had been host of a regular TV segment called "Chopping it up with Chef Nate". Now he's regular contributor to NBC 25 Today. Plus he has a succesful website: www.chefnatebrown.com.

      Now he's opening a restaurant in his hometown. The former Mott Community College basketball player, is opening a place not far from his former school. Brown says "Chef Nate's Wings and Things", will open around the end of September on Court near Franklin, in the former Rizzo's restaurant. It will add 8 new jobs.

      Brown says his specialty will be...wait for it...WINGS! He's adding a healthy menu, deli sandwiches, fish and ribs.

      Check out the video for Chef Nate's spicy Sloppy Joels...er...Sloppy Joes.