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      New Magna E-Car manufacturing facility brings jobs to Grand Blanc

      Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-Michigan) congratulated company leaders at Magna's grand opening Monday.

      Imagine ditching the gas pump for good, and forget oil changes. It's not technology of the future anymore, and one company is proving it pays to invest in it now.

      Magna Electronics unveiled its new manufacturing facility in Grand Blanc Township Monday.

      "Providing great workforce, highly-talented individuals, providing the facilities with the tax incentives that help us really create jobs and put more investment in, match our investment to grow the facility,?? Kevin Pavlov, chief operations manager for Magna E-Car Systems, touted the opening.

      The 66,000 square-foot plant on Holly Road will be able produce up to 1.5 million electric car parts a year. It??s expected to employ 525 workers by 2017. There, Magna plans to develop, design and supply motors and other parts for the all-electric Ford Focus.

      Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-Michigan) congratulated the company via video conference at Monday??s grand opening.

      "We're number one in new, clean energy patents, and magna-e car systems is helping to lead the way,?? she said.

      "We're concentrated on the state of Michigan, all three of our facilities are here local to our customers, they appreciate that,?? said Gary Meyers, general managers for the Grand Blanc Twp. plant.

      Company leaders say Michigan is where they want to continue to grow and invest, bringing high-tech jobs that can make the state the center of tomorrow's automotive industry.

      "It's a kind of company that has a future, that has good jobs for people, so that we can have our kids stay here,?? said Grand Blanc Twp. Supervisor Micki Hoffman.