New program at CMU to attract physicians to the area

Central Michigan University's College of Medicine announced a partnership that it hopes will bring more health care providers to the Great Lakes Bay Region.

The problem is, according to officials, there are not enough doctors to go around.

A solution, was revealed Wednesday as CMU's College of Medicine announces a partnership with the Midwestern Surgical Associates.

The partnership is working directly with the college's Department of Surgery.

Officials said t will allow specialists, physicians assistants and other team members to work closely with medical students in training and establishing residencies throughout the region.

University officials hope that the program will address the need for physicians regionally and across Michigan.

"We are attracting medical students and hence future physicians from the region; training them as medical students in the region, training them in their residency programs in the region, giving us the greatest opportunity and likelihood of retaining them in the region," said Ernie Yoder, Dean, CMU College of Medicine.

This year, 64 students are enrolled in the inaugural program.

Next year and every year after, the medical college plans to enroll 100 students.