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      New program provides $5 million for veteran housing

      State leaders are looking out for the well-being of Michigan veterans by launching a new program.

      Attorney G eneral, Bill Schuette announced a $5 million housing assistance program for veterans and members of the military.

      The problem is, say location organizations, veterans don't know where to turn for help before it's too late .

      " I was living in my van, was very discouraged. I was trying to get help but help wasn't coming from anywhere," said Roy David, a Vietnam veteran who was homeless for four years.

      O ne day, help did come for Davis.

      "I t's not a good feeling to know you served America and you come home and you get treated that way," said Davis.

      Roy is not alone.

      Nearly 900 veterans are living in homeless shelters or on the streets in Michigan.

      " T hat's a bad feeling to go through when you have nothing you have it all then nothing you served your time. It don't feel good," he said.

      State leaders are working to cut down on the number of homeless and struggling veteran s.

      T hey announce $5 million in housing assistance in the formation of the Michigan Veterans Homeowners Assistance Program (MiVHAP).

      The money will help veterans prevent home foreclosure.

      For local organizations that serve struggling members of the military they say this assistance is a good sign.

      " I n a lot of ways it'll give us more opportunities to reach out to veterans even more , " said Ronald Bell, Activity Director at Alternative Veterans Solutions.

      The problem is, many veterans do not know where to find the help. Alternative Veterans Solutions wants to change that.

      " C ome up with something that's a one stop shop that you don't have to go all over the state to get any kind of assistance , " said Bell.

      Click here to learn more about the MiVHAP program or to apply.

      To find out more about the Alternative Veterans Solutions, click here.