New project to rescue Flint's east side

Two blocks on Flintâ??s eastside are being targeted for a neighborhood improvement project.

â??The idea is to ask individuals about the things that they know how to do. Particularly how it pertains to helping others in the neighborhood,â?? said Rev. Tommy McDoniel.

Tom Toohey says he has seen a decline in the area and is heading to the project to get the neighborhood back on itâ??s feet.

â??this is where I grew up. Life took me away for a few years but I love these streets and I learned about time banking which is where I help you, you pay me back by helping someone else and thatâ??s just a good idea for Flint right now. Helping people and helping someone else,â?? said Tom Toohey.

The goal is to have neighbors help neighbors.. Something Pastor McDoniel feels will ensure the projects success.

â??This neighborhood is full of children, itâ??s full of parents, its full of grandparents and aunts and uncles. Itâ??s full of people who have a hope for their own life and in within each of those people is the capacity to have a more vibrant neighborhood,â?? said Mc Doniel.

â??Time banking and finding out who lives in the community and what assets they are is a step into that direction to establish, relieving that community and thatâ??s what we need. If we know each other we will be less likely to harm one another,â?? said Toohey.