New residents move into Saginawâ??s renovated Eddy building

The Bancroft Building

Dr. Jack Nash knows Saginaw.

â??I'm born and raised in Saginaw, Michigan,â?? says Nash.

A dentist by trade, Nash heads up P.R.I.D.E. in Saginaw. The community organization attracts local businesses downtown.

â??I left Saginaw a while for college and came back and downtown was basically decimated,â?? says Nash.

But not anymore, the renovation of the Bancroft-Eddy buildings is bringing new neighbors and new life.

â??This is the most activity and it's very exciting that Iâ??ve seen in Saginaw in the last 25 years downtown,â?? says Nash.

"30 apartments here and Bancroft has 122,â?? says Kelly Ortega, property manager of The Bancroft-Eddy.

Ortega helping the first Eddy residents move-in to the state of art apartments on Tuesday.

â??These two buildings are the key to this whole revitalization,â?? says Ortega. â??So, we're excited to be a part of that. It's in the air, just the excitement,â?? adds Ortega.

Also soon filling the air will be the smell of soul food.

Ritaâ??s Soul Food Café is under construction, opening in January right next door to The Eddy.

â??Iâ??m going to create at least 30 jobs so I think that'll be a big plus for Saginaw and it's really just going to be a home-feeling place,â?? says Rita Johnson, owner of the café.

â??I think it's great for Saginaw and everybody concerned with Saginaw,â?? says Nash.

"Saginaw had actually died and downtown was like unbelievable,â?? says Johnson. â??(Now) I think it's going to be beautiful,â?? adds Johnson.

A Martini bar is also coming to Saginaw, opening on the first floor of The Bancroft building sometime after the new year.