New study finds government spending is out of control in Genesee County

It's a scathing review of how Genesee County government is spending taxpayer dollars.

â??It's irresponsible,â?? says Flint resident Dionia Holiday.

The study calls the countyâ??s spending high risk and not prepared.

â??I think it's ridiculous,â?? says Swartz Creek resident Doug Petrella, referring to how taxpayer dollars are spent. â??Itâ??s mismanagement," he adds.

The Procurement Assessment Study says county government spent at least $200 million in an uncontrolled and inefficient manner.

Taxpayers are not happy with what the study found.

â??It seems like money is being blown away,â?? says Holiday.

Genesee County commissioner Omar Sims agrees with studyâ??s findings.

â??No checks and balances, no accountability,â?? says Sims referring to county spending.

The reports blames the mismanagement on decades of past decisions.

â??Itâ??s a free for all,â?? says Sims.

The study calls for a central procurement office instead of different departments approving purchasing requests.

â??Get the right team in there,â?? says Holiday. â??Get someone who's responsible."

The study warns, if the county doesn't change spending habits soon, fraud likely to take hold.

â??Itâ??s an opportunity for a culture of change in how we do business,â?? says Sims.

Residents are hoping that change comes soon...

â??Bad things are going to happen,â?? says Petrella.