New study says alcohol ads target underaged drinkers

A new study says the people who are seeing alcohol advertisements the most are not even of legal age to drink.

The John's Hopkins University study says 18 to 20-year-olds see more print ads for alcohol than any other age group.

"It's usually like a party scene like you're with a big huge group of people at the beach or at a concert or some sort of thing like that,â?? said Audra Moore, an 18-year-old from Grand Blanc.

Out of this age group, the study says men are targeted the most.

"It seems that based on the type of publication that they're placing these ads in. It really is aimed at an underage group of consumers," said Gerald Survant, a retired high school and college counselor living in Grand Blanc.

He says most of the underaged drinkers are binge drinkers consuming alcohol for the single purpose of getting drunk.

â??These addictions can kind of grab hold of a person and if it starts when you're young it's that much tougher to get rid of,â?? said Survant.