New transitional home opens its doors

Flint neighbors got their first look inside a new community outreach home Saturday called the Hope House.

The home is on Berkley Street, and is run by Shahmah Outreach and Consulting Services.

Hope House offers transitional housing for those trying to get back on their feet. Residents do work at the house in exchange for a place to stay while they search for employment.

The home also provides Bible Study and GED preparation classes. Organizers say they want to fill the gaps of need in Flint.

"The last count I heard was 3,000 homeless people, with beds for only 300. So a lot of those people needing transitional housing, if they don't have it, become one of those homeless individuals,â?? said Lynette Delgado, CEO Shahmah Outreach.

The group is also accepting volunteers to help them give back to the community.

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