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      News anchor in South Dakota tell viewers to stop complaining about tornado coverage

      Severe weather, such as tornadoes or storms that could contain high winds and damaging hail, happen here in Michigan. When it does, NBC25 will sometimes cut into programming in order to let our audience know about the impending storm in order to keep everyone safe.

      Sometimes viewers will call or write and complain about missing their favorite TV show because of the weather coverage.

      Nancy Naeve, a morning anchor at KSFY in Sioux Falls , South Dakota took issue with viewers that make these calls.

      The station played a clip of a woman saying that she saw the station's weather warnings and called her grandmother to warn her. Later, she received a text from her grandmother that the home had been hit by a tornado, but her grandmother was alive.

      Naeve used that as an opportunity to talk about the importance of the weather coverage and told viewers to quit calling.

      Caple wrote the following in his YouTube post of the rant: "I don't take the decision to break in lightly, but when there's a confirmed tornado on the ground that is headed toward people's homes, I break in. I don't care what's on."