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      No-parole sentence in Flint pizza delivery death

      Juwan Wickware and his attorney, Jodi Hemmingway at the sentencing hearing.

      A young Flint man convicted of the fatal shooting of a pizza delivery man has been sentenced to life in prison without parole.

      The sentencing phase of Juwan Wickware's first-degree murder case was unusual because he was 16 when Michael Nettles was killed. The U.S. Supreme Court last year said teens can't automatically get mandatory no-parole sentences.

      Genesee County Judge Archie Hayman held two days of hearings about Wickware's mental status, criminal history and childhood. He still came to the conclusion a no-parole sentence was appropriate Tuesday.

      Hayman says Wickware was "in the thick" of Nettles' robbery and slaying.

      Wickware's attorney says he was virtually abandoned by his father and raised by a mother who struggled to provide for him and three siblings. Wickware now is 19.