Norovirus outbreak shuts down Midland school for two days

More than 30 students at Blessed Sacrament School in Midland were home sick on Monday with a stomach illness. The principal now tells NBC25 News, it's a Norovirus outbreak that also spread to faculty members, forcing her to cancel classes on Tuesday day as well.

"It's extremely easily spread among children,â?? says Dr. Puneet Gupta, a medical resident at Covenant Hospital in Saginaw.

That's why the Midland County Department of Health is keeping a close eye on Blessed Sacrament school, making sure the outbreak is contained.

â??Anytime there's school closing or questions or cases, we track it, we keep up with them,â?? says Dr. Tammy Movsas, medical director for the Midland County Department of Health.

â??(Norovirus) generally causes you to have stomach symptoms. It can be anywhere from having a little bit of fever and diarrhea to full on having just diarrhea, vomiting, not feeling well,â?? says Dr. Gupta.

â??People contact it by touching contaminated surfaces or from other infected people,â?? adds Movsas.

The school remains closed as students recover and the building is disinfected.

â??The biggest problem is children aren't very hygienic,â?? says Dr. Gupta. â??They rub their butts, they run around, they spread the feces,â?? he adds.

Doctors say the best way to prevent Norovirus is washing your hands.

â??Use soap, use bleach, just really clean off the countertops after you use them,â?? says Dr. Gupta.

While the school is cleaned up, health officials say the outbreak is contained.

â??We want to keep it that way,â?? adds Dr. Movsas.

The principal of Blessed Sacrament School declined an on-camera interview but says crews are working inside to get the building cleaned up and that classes will resume Wednesday morning.