November 2013: The first cold month since April

November was slightly colder than the long term average in both Saginaw and Flint.

I've overheard a lot of people talking about how cold November was, and these complaints are justified.

The 11th month of 2013 was 1.9° below average in Flint, and 2.0° below average in Saginaw (using the 1981-2010 climatological data period for both MBS airport and Flint's Bishop Airport.)

Believe it or not, this was the first colder-than-average month since April!

May and October were both several degrees above average at both locations.

And while that gap was narrower for the months of June, July, August, and September, all four of these months tallied at least slightly above average in the temperature department using the above 30-year averaging period (for more detailed information, click here.)

I know when I tell certain people who live in the Great Lakes Bay Region or Genesee Valley that we had six consecutive months of above average temperatures this year, I'm going to get some "sideways looks."

I know that 2013 has felt "cool" to many of you.

I think this is because 2012 was so abnormally warm.

Last year was the warmest calendar year on record in Flint with an average temperature of 51.7°, beating 1931 which was 51.4° for the calendar year.

Some highlights of 2012: March was the warmest third month on record in Flint and Saginaw, while May, July, and December all ranked among the top-10 warmest.

With temperatures running around 5° above average so far in December 2013, the 12th month is off to a mild start.

Even milder air is on the way, too!

The warming trend will be brief, however.

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