Nuclear waste plant could be built one mile from Lake Huron

Congressman Dan Kildee announced his effort to stop the project aboard the Appledore ship in Bay City on Thursday.

Terry Miller is concerned about the Saginaw River.

â??I think people should be fired up about it,â?? says Miller who leads the environmental group Lone Tree Council.

The Bay City environmentalist is charged up about a Canadian power company's plan to build a nuclear waste plant just half a mile away from Lake Huron across the border.

â??That simply should not happen, it cannot happen, it is too close to Lake Huron,â?? says Miller.

Heâ??s applauding Congressman Dan Kildee's plea, asking the U.S. government to speak out against the plan.

â??This is six-tenths of a mile and while it may be further from our border--once you have contamination in the great lakes, it affects every aspect of the lake and everything downstream,â?? says Kildee.

But Ontario Power GeneraTion officials say, their plan is fool-proof.

â??Weâ??ve done a extensive and vigorous assessment and our studies have been very good and they've been viewed very good nationally and internationally by scientists and geologists, says Neal Kelly, spokesman for Ontario Power Generation.

Ontario Power officials point out the nuclear waste will be buried underground but Miller says even that is too close for comfort.

â??Itâ??s simply too great a danger,â?? says Miller.

Congressman Kildee plans on introducing this resolution once congress returns from vacation.

As for the Canadian company, public hearings will be held near the proposed site in the coming months. Published reports say residents near the proposed site are throwing their support behind the project.