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      Obamacare enrollment delay gives uninsured extra time to sign up

      The deadline to sign up under the Affordable Care Act is Monday, but the uninsured are getting more time to get enrolled.

      "If you have started an application you will be able to finish that application,?? said Clarence Pierce, Hamilton Community Health Network.

      The change was announced this week by the Obama Administration. The Obama Administration won't call it an extension, but they are allowing people to enroll after the March 31 deadline.

      "What I'm seeing are people are panicking, and I think it's starting to slow the whole process down, because they're in a panic mode,?? said Kathy.

      Kathy has been helping her daughter through the process to get health insurance. She says it??s been very complicated.

      "You just keep looking, asking, calling,?? said Kathy.

      The grace period will be based on the honor system, meaning applicants will have to simply explain what prevented them from finishing the process before the deadline.

      "This allows us now to get more people into the program which is what the goal is,?? said Clarence Pierce, Hamilton Community Health Network.

      This change is being criticized by republicans who say it's just another Obamacare delay.

      It??s still unclear how much time people will have after March 31 state health officials are urging people to still sign up as soon as they can.