Officer funeral in Fenton

Flags are flying half mast as police from across North America join the ranks of officer Partrick Oâ??Rourkeâ??s friends, family and loved ones to celebrate a man who proudly carried out law enforcements oath of honor.

St. Johnâ??s church began filling hours before the service to remember a fallen hero, a father, a husband, and a brother.

â??He is a great mentor to me, I came into the catholic faith because of my wife and he helped me guide me in that and gave me the honor of being his son's godfather," said Oâ??Rourkeâ??s brother-in-law Kyle Corry.

In his 39 years Oâ??Rourke touched the lives of many and they spoke fondly of him as a man who served god, his family and the community.

"Someday when the kids look back at this I hope they see what a wonderful man Pat was and I hope this helps them remember him in such an amazing way," said sister-in-law Ashley Corry.

Oâ??Rourke built his life around St. Johns Church. Itâ??s where he married his wife amy and where all four of his children were baptized. A bond strengthened by faith that will keep the family moving forward.

â??I don't know how you can get through without it. She told me the other night, it's the holy spirit,â?? said Ashley Corry.

The sound of taps and a 21 gun salute fill the air making a lasting impression.

â??Today is the police community coming out to be with the family and to be with their brother officers in the West Bloomfield Police Department and show our respect to make sure the family understands that their sacrifice is not forgotten and will never be forgotten,â?? said Michigan Association of Chiefs of Police Robert Stevenson.

Police Chief Michael Patton said Oâ??Rourke didnâ??t know heâ??d be leaving the mortal world September 9th, but he had his mind, heart and soul ready if necessary.

His memory rides along with each West Bloomfield vehicle in remembrance of a man who made the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty.