Officer tased handcuffed man

Lansing police officials say an officer whose Tasering of a handcuffed man was caught on dashboard video has been suspended for two weeks without pay for violating department policy.

Police Chief Mark Alley said on Aug. 16 officer Ryan Smith responded to a domestic call between a 43-year-old Lansing man and his girlfriend.

Alley tells the Lansing State Journal that a scuffle ensued between Smith and Rocky Allred, who head-butted the officer as he tried to handcuff him. Smith attempted to Taser Allred, but the weapon failed.

Two other officers subdued Allred while Smith reloaded the Taser, then fired. Allred fell and suffered injuries that included a broken jaw.

No charges have been filed against Smith. The union representing the two-year veteran said he followed policy and it will protest the suspension.