Officials brace for flooding in Midland

Heavy rains and high winds passing though Mid-Michigan overnight are leaving rivers swollen.

Rivers in Midland County are expected to crest around 34 ft. this coming weekend.

For life-long residents the high waters bring back memories of the hundred-year flood in 1986.

"I recall back in 1986 I was not able to stand right here at the tridge in downtown," says Tom Ryden of Midland.

"This here was all under water where we're standing," says Midland resident Jay Shook.

As the Tittabawassee River rises Midland residents are preparing for the worst.

County, city and school officials are working to ease frustrations.

"We're predicted to go 32 to 34 feet if you put that in perspective last week was only 27 feet so that's a significant jump above that in 1986 when we had the 100-year-flood we were at 34 feet," says Selina Tisdale, public information officer in Midland.

The Red Cross in Midland has set up two shelters for people who need to take refuge.

The shelters are set up at Midland High School and Lincoln Township Hall.